Alpha Omega Company Profile

Simon Shields - Director / Investigatoremployer of fire service volunteers

Alpha Omega operates under the directorship of Simon Shields, who has been a Private Investigator since 1991. 

He has worked in both London and New Zealand in this time, and has undertaken assignments throughout Europe, Australia, the United States and Fiji.

He is a Justice of the Peace, a former infantry soldier in the New Zealand Army, and currently holds the rank of Senior Station Officer with the New Zealand Fire Service.

He holds multiple National Certificates in both Fire Rescue and Adult Education.

During most of 2011 Simon worked in earthquake ravaged Christchurch for the New Zealand Government.

When not investigating, Simon handles practical anti drink driving demonstrations for the Right Track Program, a program for teenage serial offenders, ordered by the New Zealand Justice Department to undergo the program.

They currently have a success rate of 83% of non re-offending.  new zealand army

He is also involved with Habitat for Humanity and recently travelled to Thailand and Cambodia with them.




Why use Alpha Omega?

All of our Investigators not only hold a Private Investigators license, but none have criminal or dishonesty convictions.

All are vetted by the Justice Department of New Zealand and the New Zealand Police on an annual basis.

Other personnel have also passed the New Zealand Fire Service and New Zealand Defence Force security screenings.

For security reasons we do not list our staff nor publish their photos.