Pre Employment Vetting

Alpha Omega Associates is a licensed Private Investigator Agency in New Zealand.

Employers spend thousands of dollars recruiting and employing staff without thoroughly checking their backgrounds.

Making a poor hiring decision can have disastrous consequences for a company affecting its reputation and financial security.

Background checks can include checking for previous criminal records and criminal activity, credit checks, following up with previous employers and nominated referees.

According to research, 65% of CV's contained false information.

The same research states that women in their early 30s were the biggest culprits with 77% of their CV's containing some kind of untruth.

Nearly seven out of ten applicants have asked a friend to act as a referee on their CV.

Alpha Omega will use good old fashioned detective work to check the backgrounds of perspective employees. This includes any "personal grievances" lodged against employers.

Alpha Omega currently handles pre employment vetting for several large worldwide companies that employ ex pat kiwis in CFO, CEO, or other high profile positions.

While it is possible for you to do this yourself, often employers do not know the right places to look or questions to ask. Using an investigation agency like Alpha Omega can save time and money and potentially the company.

Please note that criminal checks in New Zealand have been affected by the Clean Slate Act 2004, which allows individuals to legally conceal "less serious" convictions from their records provided they had been conviction-free for at least seven years.

Recently the New Zealand Government got caught when one of their senior civil servants, Mary-Anne Thompson admitted falsifying her qualifications. It only came to light when the spotlight was put on her and her department as she had intervened in a matter involving members of her family, committing the ultimate conflict of interest.

Maori Television was caught out when their then CEO John Davies had falsified his CV.

He received a jail sentence before being deported.

Quite simply, who would write down on their CV the contact details of any previous employer who was going to say bad things about them? No one.

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