Missings Persons - "I hadn't seen my son in over 24 years until you found him in New Zealand. Many thanks." - Shayne, Victoria, Australia.


Body Guard - "We thank God for your expertise and wonderful help. Thank you so much for protecting our daughter. She is safely on her way home from Los Angeles as we speak. God Bless." - Kaye - USA.


Adoption Investigation - "I would like to thank Simon and Alpha Omega who quickly and efficiently located and enabled me to make contact with my two adopted brothers when the only information I had was their first names and dates of births." - Naomi, New Zealand.


Due Diligence - "Simon, thanks for your assistance in this case which was settled in mediation, and accordingly your court testimony will no longer be required." Les, Sydney, Australia.


Executive Protection - Thanks for looking after my sister and getting her out of the abusive environment she was in. You and your team were totally professional especially with the possibility of firearms being involved." - Kris, United Kingdom.


Missing Persons - "Thanks for finding my father Simon. We are exchanging emails and are going to catch up next month when he travels to Sydney." - Sacha, Sydney, Australia.


Body Guard - "You and your team rescued our daughter in January. We will forever be indebted to you, thank you again." Rich, Florida, USA.